Pismo Beach Pier under construction

Pismo Beach Pier now open to the public

       Pismo Pier opens October 20th on the day of the Pismo Clam festival

The Pismo Beach Pier closed for renovation in march of 2017 and was scheduled to open in the spring of 2019 but the the work was completed ahead of schedule and the pier opened on October 20th 2018 for the Pismo clam festival.  More information can be found at a city website called Pismo Pier Rehabilitation.  Parts of that pier are almost a hundred years old so I guess it was time for a little restoration.

         Surf contest held on the last weekend before the pier opens to the public


World Surf League QS 1,000 Pismo Beach Open contest montage


Surfing the Pismo Beach Pier on a nice day
Run off from heavy rains created good sandbars for locals surfing the Pismo Pier

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