Title text colors Premier Pro


Video styles and quality – Which video type works for your needs

Creative text and captions has become popular because many viewers can’t always listen to the audio or voice-over

I created these legacy title templates specifically for displaying video inside the text and stroke

A looping video logo can look great in a web page header

Coastal Motion Video Logo

A video logo optimized specifically for fast load times

A scenic video can help set a mood

A scenic video can influence a viewers mood when they arrive at your website

Video for social media can have lower quality and still be effective

A family video attracts the viewers’ attention even if the quality is average

A hand-held camera for that underground vibe

The grungy audio track and hand-held camera helps create an underground feeling

Vertical videos are necessary when trying to get the viewers full attention on a mobile phone



Explainer videos are great but don’t always have to have talking heads

Captions or text enables the viewer to still get the information without audio or sound

Time laps video saves time for the viewer with the correct subject matter

A casual example of a two camera shoot with high quality audio sync for epic sound – My nephew “Daniel”

Videos edited and completed the same day or shortly after the event

Filmed in the morning and posted before Xmas Eve dinner

Spontaneous handheld camcorder footage for social media

Professional surfing contest edited and posted in less than a week