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Video styles and quality - Which video type works for your needs

Creative text and captions has become popular because many viewers can't always listen to the audio or voice-over

I created these legacy title templates specifically for displaying video inside the text and stroke - 4k video for maximum home theater quality

Customized titles and templates

Selected audio tracks will control the mood for your video.

A 4k video like this can be edited into parts and optimized for social media

How much to invest in quality just depends on your needs

A family video attracts the viewer's attention even if the quality is average

Give your audience the heads up for future events

Local surf event promotional video/trailer

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Vertical videos are necessary when trying to get the viewers full attention on a mobile phone.


When optimizing a video for Twitter, there is always going to be a loss in viewing area


Instagram videos cannot exceed a certain size limit in megabytes. It really can all get very confusing.

Utilizing social media for brand exposure? - Coastal Motion Video can help set you up with the right platforms for your business or service

You can contact me here and i'll get back to you or call and leave a message for Chris: 458-1227

Creating an online course? - Coastal Motion Video can help with production and secure private hosting

"Explainer" videos with captions allow the viewer to pause while performing a task

Animated titles and text can be customized in unlimited ways and really grabs the viewers attention

Here are some examples of moving text and lower and upper thirds fly-in titles

Coastal Motion Video can position your video where it needs to be

4k and ultra high definition video editing and video optimization for the web

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A hand-held camera for that underground vibe

The grungy audio track and hand-held camera helps create an underground feeling

Editing service for just about anything - Here I combine camcorder memories into something more manageable and easy to share.

This 45 minute video was also split into 10 parts and re-purposed for social media. Depending on your content, most videos can be optimized into a variety of effective segments.

"How To" and "DIY" videos with captions allow the viewer to pause while performing a task

Captions or text enables the viewer to still get the information without audio or sound

Time laps video saves time for the viewer with the correct subject matter

Holiday themed videos seem to attract attention online - You begin to find what works for you by just experimenting with differrent types of content and styles.

Filmed in the morning and posted before Xmas Eve dinner

More videos

Local surfing event highlights

Annual town and country events will gain popularity throughout the year when shared online

Two camera shoot with sync audio

A casual example of a two camera shoot with high quality audio sync for epic sound - My nephew "Daniel"

Animated titles and text to help your video stand out